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Governor Branstad has issued a Proclamation aligning Iowa with Israel
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Iowa Aligns With Israel

Spiritual Law and Natural Consequence
by Brad Sherman

Barack Obama's Mideast Policy Speech

On May 19, 2011, President Obama gave a speech in which he stated: "We believe the borders of Israel and Palestine should be based on the 1967 lines..."  Though he quickly began to back peddle after receiving sharp criticism, Obama's statement reflects his policy position.  But does it reflect our position?  Does it represent the people of the State of Iowa?

The next morning, I was urged by the Holy Spirit to start a petition to the Iowa Legislature and the governor requesting that they express support for Israel, which ultimately resulted in a proclamation by Governor Branstad.  Israel is the only stable nation in the Middle East and the only true ally of the United States in the region. But even more importantly, as Christians, we recognize the importance of supporting Israel. God promises to prosper those who love Jerusalem (Ps 122:6).

God has established spiritual laws which govern the affairs of this world. Over these laws, man has no control. When these laws are obeyed there is blessing and when they are violated the opposite is the result. The consequences of alignment and misalignment are very real.

Such is the case surrounding the Mideast policy speech given by President Barack Obama on May 19, 2011. In this speech, President Obama stated his belief that the borders of Israel and Palestine should be based on the 1967 lines. The President's position was a violation of spiritual law in that it was out of alignment with the promises of God to Israel and her land.  His position was also out of alignment in the natural sense as well. Returning to the pre 1967 borders would nearly divide Israel into two geographical parts, making it very difficult for her to defend her borders.

Yet in His mercy, God is always seeking to guide us into His blessings, even in the midst of consequences associated with broken laws. After hearing the President's speech, the Holy Spirit urged me to take action in Iowa, the state of my residence, and start a petition asking the government of Iowa to make a resolution in support of Israel regarding her right to land and her right to defend her borders.

On May 25th, 2012, Terry E. Branstad, Governor of Iowa, issued a proclamation in support of Israel. An image and the text of the proclamation are on this website.

The goodness of God, His patient efforts to reveal His love, and His desire to guide us into His blessings are quite amazing. When the petition to the government of Iowa was initiated, I was unaware that God had already spoken to certain people describing the events leading up to and including the President's speech, and how individual states would align with Israel.  Below is a summary of the foreknowledge given to one individual, though others may have received similar knowledge. These things were openly shared and documented at the time they were received, well in advance of the events themselves.

In 2005 it was revealed that the next president would be an African-American. The understanding surrounding this insight was that God desired to heal racial division in America caused by slavery. Since all racism is rooted in the original racism, anti-Semitism,  the stage was set for an African-American president to fully support the Jewish state of Israel and bring healing to two people groups that have suffered greatly because of ethnic prejudice.  However,  In 2008, God revealed that the President would try to pull Israel backwards and that God would start looking at America based on how America aligned with Israel. It was revealed specifically that President Obama would make a statement against Israel in May of 2011.

This came to pass three years later on May 19, 2011 when President Obama gave the above mentioned Mideast policy speech. It was understood that President Obama's statement, that Israel should go back to its pre 1967 borders, would result in America moving backward from its progress regarding racism to its pre 1967 condition. Though it is difficult to measure, it certainly seems that racial tensions have increased in the United States since that time.

This reciprocal effect is based on the spiritual law found in the book of Matthew which states: "... inasmuch as you did not do it to one of the least of these, you did not do it to Me." (Matthew 25:40)   So to the degree that the United States does not align with Israel,  to that same degree the United States does not align with the Son of God, and thus excludes itself from God's blessings. 

The Mercy of God
However, another element of insight surrounding this issue predicted that individual states would be blessed based on their relationship to Israel. Many people in the United States seem to have forgotten how much sovereignty and authority is reserved to the States by the United States Constitution, but several states, not just Iowa, have aligned with Israel.  What we see through these events is the mercy of God, working through different channels of spiritual law, to bring about as much alignment as possible that He might bless accordingly.

God speaks to those who are listening, sometimes directly and sometimes through others, but He speaks nonetheless. By giving foreknowledge of certain events and allowing us to see them unfold, God reveals His plans, His patience, His love, and His involvement in the affairs of this world.  May we have ears to hear.

Pastor Brad Sherman, Coralville, Iowa

The accounts of foreknowledge given by God above are relayed by the author from a interview hosted by Sid Roth with Reverend Chuck Pierce on August 25-September 4th, 2011.


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